Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank You Blogger Friends...

...for understanding!

I was the designated *family* member to be with my Mom during the days of her last week of life.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep early Thanksgiving morning.

Visitation was Sunday.

Funeral mass and luncheon was Monday.

Travel day was Tuesday. 

Today was the return to normal~DD to school, DS working on his laundry, DH returned to work on Monday and me with a dentist appointment today.

As Mom would say, "Life belongs to the living!"  and a million other sayings!


doodlebugmom said...

My sympathy to you and your family.

Linda J said...

I know you are going to miss her, Pat. Your whole family will, all the mom'isms and more. It sounds like you two shared your sense of humor.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Nancy said...

The death of a parent is like losing your anchor. May your memories keep your Mother dear in your heart.

Deepest sympathy as you grieve her passing.

Bonnie said...

So sorry to hear about you mom. Loving memories will see you through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Amy said...

Sending sympathy and prayers.

Kathleen said...

I hope the good memories keep you warm in the future.