Monday, January 14, 2013

Design *Cutting Board*

Last week, we had a schoolhouse at my Day Guild.  One friend shared the 15 Minute Table Runner.  Since I already had some fabric cut for a runner, I decided to abandon the original plan and shift it to a 15 Minute Table Runner. If you Google search '15 Minute Table Runner', there are many *hits* to look at.  :) One change was that, Pat had us insert a piece of batting in between the *tube* to give the runner some more *ummph*.

My fabric selection.

The finished runner.

A close up.

Things I learned:

*I would like more of the focus fabric to show
*I would like it longer

But, all in all, I'm pleased.  Quick and easy, two of my favorite things!  :)


Linda J said...

Pretty and just the ticket for gift giving or a quick stash busting project. Now that you know how to do it, you can make those adjustments to make it longer, wider or whatever.

I've seen them fancied up with fabric choices or even simple piecing as well. Someone had done that at quilt guild.

NeverBored said...

I've made a lot of these. They are great for pretty novelty prints that you really don't want to cut into small pieces. When I got the pattern as a handout at a quilt show it was called The 10 Minute Table Runner. I guess since then somebody got more realistic about how long it takes! Really, they are quick and easy. It takes me longer to choose my fabrics than it does to make these up.