Saturday, January 19, 2013

I've Been Hit!

by the spam-a-lot!

So I decided to start up the word verification again.  I know it can be troublesome but arghhh, I just don't appreciate all the spam comments.   :(

Sorry, friends.  :(

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Linda J said...

Pat, it is your blog and you should do what you deem best. I don't blame you a bit---protect yourself! As your friend I would want to protect you and understand your choice.

Seriously, some that complain about it may not even realize that they can click it a few times to get a different alternative that might be easier to read. Some of what pops up is even amusing.

Someone griping because they "don't have time" to mess with it or just were going to leave a one word response anyway and won't be back? Phooey! You are going to miss some good content!!