Thursday, January 24, 2013

Which One?

looks more like a heart?

Twister A  or

Twister B?

I did want to keep the place mats to approximately 12 x 18 but I might *need* that extra row on the bottom to complete the heart point. The place mats will then be 15 x 18.


Linda J said...

I kinda think that A does---in fact I spotted it 1) first and thought it look like a heart and 2) thought you must be working on your February hearts.

What happens when you orient the pieces the other way----a more elongated heart but sideways laying I guess, LOL. Not sure that this would even work but I had a couple hearts pinned. Here's one of them

Hope you all have not turned into popsicles up there in all that cold!

scraphappy said...

The first one looks a lot like a heart to me. What a great variety of pink blocks you worked up! Thanks for joining in.