Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Recently I received an email asking for a QOV type quilt from my night guild, Oconomowoc Quilt Guild and since I had a rwb quilt from another quilt member waiting to be quilted...

...I quilted it up!  I also found a burgundy flower print for the binding and attached that.  While I was motivated~I also made a label and sewed that to the back.  Did I mention a pillowcase, too?!

Now all I need to to is call Mary~our QOV contact quilter and let her know it is ready.  :)

I think Judy~the maker~made up this pattern surrounding the panel as she went along.   Judy id *known* for her more artsy quilts rather than traditional quilts. Bless her soul!

This is the back that Judy included with the quilt.  Nice millennium pinwheels.  I was actually liking these pinwheels as any pinwheel I make~the centers never seem to match.  lol.

The panto is Halcyon by Lorien Quilting, I found mine here.

On today's agenda:  more sewing back bindings.


Linda J said...

Pieced pinwheels ARE a little tricky even if you have the seam allowances pressed the proper way. I avoid them, LOL but then my Brother bulks as too many thickness of fabric sometimes. Sort of maddening.

Wonderful that you and Judy could team up to fill that need.

Cher said...

fantastic quilt! very well done..