Monday, October 14, 2013

What I'm Working On...10.14.2013

....meetings, meetings and more meetings!  Throw in a few hockey practices for DD and that sums up last week!  Very little time spent in the sewing room and when I was in the sewing room...oh boy!  Frustration hit a new HIGH...  :(  What was so unsettling, you ask?!   :)  !!!

The beginning of a T Shirt Quilt.  I had this bright idea (ummm...not so bright now ~ lol)  that since I was running short on the tshirts that I would sub in a pieced banner for the first horizontal row... that way I only needed 9 shirts instead of 12.

This is as far as I have gotten.

Remind me that I have trouble with the whole concept of paper piecing!  My hats off to all who make wonderfully paper pieced works of quilt art!  I just struggle with the whole *bigger - than - flip - backwards - then - sew - and - it's - right* thing!  Mine are usually wrong!

even when I remember to flip then sew....  All I can say is *Oh Boy!*

and I haven't moved onto the tshirt preps yet ... Oh Boy!  I decided to let it stew a bit before I go back to it.  Those *2*'s were driving me batty. And I'm still not happy with them.  I think I *know* why I kept putting this project off all summer. wink.wink.  and I got two tshirt quilts to make.  OH BOY!

I paper pieced the letters than I was free piecing the numbers.  Under it all is the scroll that I had the players sign last week at the Meet 'n Greet for the Milwaukee Admirals.  The letters are a free download found here.  You'll need to click around as each letter is it's own page/download. I reduced the letters from 6 inch to 4 inch and tried to send the tracing paper through the printer.  yeah, that did not work well either.  :)   At least I am learning a lot from this project so far!  so it's all good!!!

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Sue McPeak said...

Hi Pat...My goodness but you have a project and half on your hands...and get to do it twice. As you said, you are learning a lot so the second one will be a snap. I've done a number of T-Shirt Quilts and solved the numbers problem by using both the front and backs of a shirt and appliquing something related numbers etc. on one. I really like the autograph idea, too!

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