Monday, May 19, 2014

Hand2Help Charity Quilt Drive Check In

A quick check-in for Sarah's H2H Quilt Drive.  For more information, click on the button in the right side bar.  :)  Sarah's blog is here, in case you want to troll her entire  site.

Last week, I finished my donation quilt. My take on Marmalade Squares. Quilt inspiration found here.

I had what I thought was quite a few leftover bits from the top and bottom *ribbons* so I thought I would just cut up a few more and make a stacked coin type quilt to donate also.

Well ~ it turns out that the *leftovers* were just one column! Believe it or not, each column has 21 novelties in it. The grand total is 105 novelty fabrics!  and I just have one repeat...yikes!  That's 104 different novelty fabrics...oh my!

And are you ready?!  This quilt generated more scraps for another quilt.

Help me!  I think I'm caught in the novelty scrap vortex!

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Sarah's Check-In so you can hop on over and see what others are working on.

JudyL at Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday


P. said...

Really cute quilts, Pat! Isn't it funny how leftovers generate more leftovers? Gotta love scrap quilts!

Nancy said...

Love the quilts!

My scraps create more scraps, too. It is a never-ending task to use them.

tink's mom said...

I believe that the scrap fairy stops by every evening and sprinkles New Scraps dust and giggles.
Love your use of your scraps.