Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I quilted down the Stacked Novelties.  I was *going for* a modern look but not so much in my opinion.


I used the Contempo panto, found here.

I also finished piecing the blocks for the next novelty quilt.  These pieces were leftover from the stacked novelty quilt. This quilt is based on the pattern Simply Strips Quilt.  Simply Strips is a free download from Fabric Cafe's Facebook page right now.  But hurry, Fabric Cafe changes their free download every month or so. I *liked* their Facebook page so I get a post when the free download patterns are changing.  Simply Strips Facebook free download can be found here.

Most of my novelties are oriented horizontally so I simply made my rows horizontal rather than vertical. Simply Strips from the Facebook download is here.

I thought this looked familiar.  Guess what?  I had brought a 3 yard kit from Fabric Cafe and made a quilt!

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