Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP Wednesday 6.17.2015

I picked up a few more pillowcases, a few from the thrift store and a few from our Little Dresses sewing day. I received word yesterday that the Mission Coordinator wants the Little Dresses in the beginning of July. So we are all making a final push at our homes and will meet up on June 30th to finish up any loose ends. I also asked DD to join us --- if she is not working --- to help count and size the dresses.

The current estimate is that we will be sending close to 350 Little Dresses with our Mission Team! Thanks to my friend, Betty! Betty and her church sewing group donated over 100  Little Dresses!

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Tired Teacher said...

Fantastic to have 350+ dresses to send. Your efforts will make such a tremendous impact on the lives of 350+ young women. Bravo!