Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why did I start quilting?

Mary Kristin at Krisp Quilts, ask the question, "Why did you start quilting?"

When I was pregnant with my DS in 1990, family and friends embrodiered blocks for a quilt. My work friend, Betty, then assembled the green quilt. It has been his faithful friend for 17 years. Now, I'm afaid to wash it as not too much is holding it together!
Fast forward to 1998, now I'm pregnant with my DD and my MIL organizes an embrodiered quilt for the new baby. Well, we made the blocks but unfortunately, I had moved and Betty had moved and I didn't feel comfortable asking her to make another quilt....can you see where this is going? The blocks sat in MIL's sewing room for two years. Then in 2001, my New Year's resolution was to take a beginner's quilting class and learn to put together my DD's quilt parts! My MIL then promptly put together the pink quilt for DD's 2nd birthday. and me? I've been sewing and quilting ever since. MIL has only made two quilts

ps#2...I also wanted to take a Wilton cake decorating class...never did get around to that resolution *smile*!


Sue R said...

These are sweet little quilts, and what a great way to get started quilting! I like the ones I saw in some of your earlier posts too.

May Kristin said...

Those quilts are so cute and looks like they have been very treasured friends for a long time! Just the way a quilt should be! Thank you for sharing!
Ps.I'll put you in both!