Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Peek Into My World

carole and tonya (and a few others) have been posting pictures out of their kitchen window. This house has a great room concept where the kitchen, family room and eating area are located all together. This is my view just past the table when I do the dishes. Yesterday was overcast so the picture is a tad dark (sorry). We have a slider door that opens to the deck. The yellow house is always in view...no trees to hide it! To the right is DD's swing set. To the left is a plot for a garden, some trees are a natural break from the neighbor on the left and just beyond our property line is a series of three ponds that are the common area for our subdivision. Last spring and summer we saw more critters than I ever saw in a zoo! There were momma & papa turkey & about 25 chicks, a herd of deer (about 12) plus a few that roam without the herd, ducks, canadien geese, momma & papa egert & baby (looks like blue heron but poofs on their head) (when they screech...it sounded what I imagine dinasaurs might sound like), assorted birds and butterflies and frogs, foxes, skunks, possum. Some locals even say that there are coyotes here but I haven't seen one yet. well...you get the picture...very much a change for a city girl like myself!
Next is my ironing board in the sewing room. My DH has his own ironing board and iron for when he irons his shirts :) Libby is asking bloggers to post a picture of their ironing boards, comment back to her then she plans on having a drawing on February 29th...not sure if it is an ugly contest or what! My DH thinks I need to change my pad cuz it is worn out...but I think I have a few more miles in it! I have a wide board and it is kinda hard to find a pre-made cover that fits. I got some information at a show one time for a new cover but I can't seem to locate the flyer! no big surprise there. sometimes I can't find my way out of a paper bag :)


Libby said...

Thanks for sharing . . . and no, not an ugly contest *s* A quilter's ironing board is a precious and well loved thing - I just wanna see *s*

Sue R said...

Looks like you've got a little distance between you and your neighbors. What a great field for the kids to play in.