Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Oh NO!

Just when I thought I'd have nothing to blog about....look what I discovered! a puddle of water in my sewing room closet! right under my BATTING roll! but, alas, disaster averted...my batting was slightly wet with no visible sign of damage (no black mildew marks) Thank Goodness I volunteered batting for my group's QOV. I just had the batting out last week and all was dry. It could have sat in that puddle of water waiting for me. I've decided to start bigger projects which means that I move the batting less often. I would have hated for the remaining roll of batting to have been ruined. My first impulse was to call DH and tell him all about the puddle but then my sanity returned when I realized all was okay, after all, he is in a meeting 2 hours away with his boss discussing goals and the future of , well, the future.

I discovered a new use for the blow-up mattress....cut batting dryer!

On a happier quilting note, I started the next batch of log cabin blocks for my bed quilt. I'm starting to get excited to get all the blocks done. Not yet sure of the best way to attack putting the borders on as the center of the quilt is way bigger than my design wall. Maybe I'll place it on the floor outside the sewing room and work from there. Any other ideas? How do you handle a big quilt construction?


JudyL said...

I don't understand your question about adding the borders to a larger center. Do you put the borders on the design wall to see how it will look? Where was the water coming from that was under your batting? You did good not calling your DH. It would probably have blown his entire meeting and he couldn't have solved anything right then. I would have called and then wished I hadn't!

Mary said...

Once I have my center blocks together, I find a spot on the floor to measure, cut, and pin borders.

Glad the batting wasn't ruined.

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