Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quilt-a-thon #3 Day 1

Today JudyL hosted Quilt-a-thon #3. Today was also the cyber-sew-in for the ZFAB's. The ZFAB's had chosen to make the Lily Pond Quilt from Judy Sisnero's 9 Patch Pizzazz.

I started sewing at 8:30 am central time and at 10:00 am I had my 'dancing' and 'mooshy' 9 patches completed. (I had sewn strip sets the day before but cut and completed the 9 patches today.) After checking in and chatting a bit, I headed back downstairs to the sewing room.

At 12:30 pm, I took a lunch break and had sewn my inner top together! Just the borders remaining. I really didn't think I would progress so far and as a result, I hadn't thought too much about the borders. Time to go to the closet...I was stuck because this quilt (when finished) will be joining Pam's M2M and I didn't want it to be too girl-y. So I choose a multi-colored dot on black. not sure I like the borders but sometimes, finished is a good thing.

At 3:30 pm, this is my end result. A quilt top flimsy that is about 46 x 53!

Thank You to the ZFAB's for inviting me to the cyber sew-in today! It was fun, 'fiend' :)


Sue R said...

Your top looks terrific, Pat. At first I thought the red cats were stars... until I looked at the big picture. I hope to be quiltathon-ing tomorrow!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I love those cats!!

Greenmare said...

oh it looks great! and I love your borders!!!

Linda_J said...

I took your lesson to heart on the borders though I had to take one apart three times as I kept stitching it a bit too long.

It turned out wonderfully, Pat and I hope you had a good time sewing with us FABS.

Sweet P said...

What a great quilt. The black border is perfect for it.

Finn said...

Love your sewing day effort Pat! Great job on getting a top in a day done. Hugs, Finn