Friday, January 30, 2009

Border Decision Made

Thanks to everyone who helped make this border decision. I agree that the checks would have been a little too much and should be broken up with black cornerstones.

Yet, Uncle Mi was thinking outside the box and wanted an all black border. Okie-Dokie. Mission Accomplished.

In case you are wondering, I followed LindaJ's 'Sorta TShirt Tutorial' when making this. Many thanks to Linda for *holding my hand* during the process. :)
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Linda_J said...

You are most welcome, Pat. Glad I could help!

Judy S. said...

Actually, Pat, I think it looks fine your uncle's way. The black picks up the shadow effect! (which I really like!) I will be interested to see your quilting!

JoAnne said...

Well, your uncle has a good eye...I like the black better too, now that I've seen it.

Thanks for the kind words about my predicament. Looks like a new sewing machine is on the horizon for me - parts alone would be too much to warrant fixing a 10 yr. old machine. Now to find the one I want...

Silverthimble said...


This quilt turned out beautifully!

Caitlin and Alli said...

Uncle is really brother in law.

Did my 4 left out t shirts stay in 1 piece or did they get sliced and diced?

How about a mini quilt for my dog to match mine?

Stephanie D. said...

Wow, Pat, this is a stunning quilt! Not in the traditional sense, maybe, but this is not a typical T-shirt quilt. Love the shadow effect!

Sorry not to have gotten in on the border discussion, but this looks great, and very manly!