Thursday, January 29, 2009

Border Decision Time

T-shirt quilt update:

I finished piecing the inside portion and now need to make an outer border decision. Uncle Mi expressed a desire to have the check fabric as the outer border...since I *know* that I won't be able to line up the checks from vertical to horizontal, I was exploring the options:

a) add 4 black cornerstones
b) add 2 black cornerstones and 2 pocket pieces as cornerstones
c) just add the check fabric and let the *checks* fall where they may
d) be happy with the 2 inch white border and call it a day!
e) miter (!?!?!?!) the check fabric

Wonder what I should do...wait for Uncle Mi's input!

I'm following LindaJ's 'Sorta T-shirt Quilt Tutorial here' for making this.

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Judy S. said...

Hi Pat, I love the shadow effect on your blocks. Can you somehow use the checked fabric to duplicate the look on your next border. I think black cornerstones would look better than unmatched checks..... Your Uncle Mi will be please, I am sure of that!

Linda said...

Great job! I also love the shadow effect!

JoAnne said...

I like the 4 black cornerstone idea best. And don't worry about making the checks perfect. The blocks are set so beautifully that nobody will notice if the checks are slightly off.

Linda_J said...

I keep seeing one giant shadow but I think it is the way you laid the check pattern on two sides, LOL. I might do that on the next one I make. But wait! I keep saying that I made my last one of those.

You will be done with that top in no time, Pat and ready to roll on something of your own chosing.

Karen said...

I vote for the 4 black cornerstones. I am one of those people, if things don't line up, it makes me crazy! lol