Friday, January 9, 2009

A few 2.5 inch Strip Quilts

Here are two quilts that I made using 2.5 inch strips, bindings yet to be sewn back.

This first one is from a pattern I saw on Mary's blog, Happy Blocks that are being made for the Heartstrings project. Instead of using a novelty print center, I simply made cream 4patches. Later, I found this pattern. I used 10 cream colored strips, 18 red colored strips and 17 blue colored strips (by width of fabric). With the red and blue strips I used about 26 inches of the 40 inches, so I divided the strips into two piles. One pile had strips at least 14 inches long and the other less than 14 inches long. I only had to add a few strips and I had enough coins for this second quilt.

This quilt is a combination of Mary's Easy Chinese Coins 2 and a pattern called 'Stars and Bars' where you insert Friendship Stars into the coin sections. To access the pattern you will need to go to Free Patterns and enter 'Stars and Bars' in the search box...(sorry didn't know how to hyper link pattern page if no Internet address on top of page).
Did you notice the hst's? One of my Personal Quilt Growths...using blocks that I normally shy away from!

I then found this Strip Tutorial on Kairle's site and just had to make a few blocks. It looks more complex than it really is to make but the edges of the blocks are all bias. Can you just imagine HOW easy I could pull that out of shape?!

On the agenda for today, finishing cutting the TShirts for Uncle Mi's quilt, laundry and some house cleaning. I really need to go to the grocery store but right now it is snowing. We are suppose to get between 5 and 8 inches depending on the storm track. I think I'd rather be comfy and cozy inside than out on the roads. How about you?! :)

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Infinity Quilter said...

Love the tops and block. Way to go conquering your fear of HSTs!!!

Cheryl said...

You do our soldiers proud!

Greenmare said...

oh man, Now I have a better idea on what to do with my friendship stars!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!

Stephanie D. said...

Bias edges make me nervous, too. Maybe if they were sewn to a foundation somehow, it would be easier to keep them square, though, reading the tutorial, I'm not sure how that could be done.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Woman--you are giving me more ideas of what to do with my noodles! That box is FULL! LOL--I am feeling better, if you have some extra novelty squares I would welcome them, I just don't HAVE any. Wait--I have one piece of brown fabric with teddy bears, and a piece with teapots! I looked!

Pam said...

I have a Stars and Bars cut out and waiting in a pizza box...I should get that out and sew it up..wouldn't take long...but then it would be yet another top waiting to be quilted....hmmmm...maybe it is ok sitting in the box for a while longer.


FabricMom said...

What beautiful tops. You have been a busy girl.