Friday, January 2, 2009

January 1st View and the Quilter's Code

This was the view out of the kitchen slider door yesterday, January 1, 2009. With the warmer temperatures and rain last week, most of our snow has melted away. This winter, it was a December thaw.

As I have been trolling through Quilter's Blogland, many posts are dealing with 2008 accomplishments and 2009 goals/resolutions. A few recurrent themes are to shop and use the stash, finish UFO's and PIG's, create and give more donation quilts and be happier in our sewing. It is almost like a Quilter's Code of Conduct! I was going to list resolutions for 2009 but instead will make a 'Pat's Guidelines To Sew By in 2009', in no particular order.


I have a few quilts that I have promised to create. Some may take longer than others as I learn new techniques.


As I enter my 8th year of sewing/quilting, I have to admit that there are store brought quilts/comforters on the beds here at Bell Creek Quilts. In 2009, I hope to replace store brought with homemade.


I have been making r/w/b quilts to donate to Alycia's No Soldier Forgotten Quilt Drive. It is with this quilt drive that I overcame my irrational fear of making pillowcases.

I seem to have an un-ending stash of children's novelty prints. This fabric is wishing to be made into children's comfort quilts.


I wish to continue to make gift quilts for those who have a positive impact on my family. These include the school teacher, piano teacher and bus drivers for DD.

As I begin 2009, I plan to continue through my list of quilts to make. My hope is to be able to join in on the fun activities that are taking place around Quilter's Blogland! :)
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Silverthimble said...

This is an admirable list of guidelines to sew by for this year, Pat! Your generosity will bless many as you share your quilts in the coming year with others! Happy New Year!

SueR said...

Your backyard looks gray and cold, as it does here; but your heart is warm, and your goals reflect it. Hope '09 is everything you want it to be and more. Happy New Year, Pat!

Pam said...

I felt quite accomplished the year I gave away our last blanket, leaving quilts only on our beds. I remember the feeling of "having provided for my family" and fulfilling at the least a very small portion of what the Proverbs 31 woman had. It as a great feeling of accomplishment.

Your 2009 goals seem very reasonable and can do this!


Stephanie D. said...

Well put, and some awesome aspirations! You go, girl!

Linda_J said...

We will be right behind you to cheer you on, Pat. Good goals to set. As prolific as you were last year I know you can do it!

Greenmare said...

good list.
Are you that low on snow??? Oh dear, I should send you some. We didn't get quite so much of a thaw, or if we did, the snow came back right away!