Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got Lint?

Just as I suspected, Baby was full of lint!

Here is her before picture.

Here is her after picture. Quite a difference won't you say?

Unfortunately, I cleaned Baby a little too vigorously and now her feed dogs aren't advancing the fabric...oh oh. I took her to the Baby 'Doctor' and he will give her a expert cleaning and check her out! I also noticed that her brain is a little confused as she was giving me the message 'Needle Down' when in fact the needle was up.

I do have a smaller Janome Gem. I was going to use this as my portable machine to take to classes and retreats and such. DD was also interested in sewing for a bit, so I thought she could use it too. Last February, I was doing a demo on these coiled bowls as seen here and here. The tension went south of the border. I adjusted the tension and never got back to finishing DD 2008 Easter Basket. Guess that UFO just jumped to the top of the list as I didn't want to take the basket parts off the Janome and lose them!

Birthday Presents Update:

The comments are now closed. After I print off the entries, DD will draw the names! Stayed tuned to see if you will win a gift. :)
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