Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Updates

T-shirt quilt update:

I finished piecing the shadows, now I need to decide on a layout. The *design team* (DS & his GF) thought the t-shirts would have more interest if the shirts were scattered. I had the same size shirts all in a column. I agree, it does add interest but also more work as I need to calculate and add white spacers to the left side of the shirts to bring each column to an equal width.

I'm following Linda J's tutorial here for the design of the tshirt quilt.

While I was thinking this over, I wanted to do some *mindless* sewing. 4 patches came to mind but the 2.5 inch r/w/b strips were calling my name. So I sewed the r/w/b strips together. I sewed some continents together and next the r/w/b world will be sewn together. Of course, then the inner and outer borders will follow. This will be a good example of a project using the 2.5 inch strips won in the exchange earlier this month. I think I used all 6 strips that I won! And you know, it was fun to sew with someone else's fabric!

At the end of my last continent, my top thread ran out. Perfect timing, amazing. I had purchased one of these big cones of thread and I'm going to sew with that for a spell and see how I like it. I also couldn't remember the last time I changed my needle so I did that, too. This would mean that I probably need to clean the lint out of the bobbin area, too. :) Thanks, Lori for reminding me to change out my needle!

I keep my needles and rotary blades (both new and used) in this Valentine tin on the cutting table. The old needles go into the medicine bottle (dated 2003!) and the blades go into the well marked container. I buy the blades in a 5 pack when they a) go on sale at JoAnn's or b) have a 40% off coupon that is about to expire.

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Chris said...

I love the pattern you used with your t-shirt quilt. What a good idea.

JoAnne said...

Pat, the t-shirts are awesome with the shadows! I hope I remember that when I do another t-shirt quilt. I like the sizes scattered - does give it interest.

Sweet P said...

Those t-shirts blocks are cool. At first glance I thought they were floating on something black. I agree on the random placement of the blocks. They look great laid out as you have them.

Linda_J said...

Pat, the tshirt quilt is looking good. Let the "design team" help you with the math if they think it is such a great idea, LOL. As I told you yesterday you don't want thing getting too wide on you and varying the column widths like that will in a big hurry. You can't get too huge and still have it fit on the long arm, right?

I collect the blades too from me, my mom, the Belles and then send them off to LP Sharp for replacements for new olfa blades. Their prices just increased a bit for the first time in several years but I think it is still cheaper than the normal price. I got a pile of 45 and 60's here in my desk drawer as a matter of fact.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I like the t-shirts just the way you have them laid out. And now that I've FOUND my needles, I will put them back in my traveling sewing case that holds "essentials". I'm off to pet this lovely package of novelties that came in the mail!

Greenmare said...

excellent job on the t-shirt quilt!!! I love it! I do the same thing with my broken and used needles and pins and my cutting blades, my needle bottle has a slit in the top to slip them in without opening it.

Karen said...

That t-shirt quilt is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see it all together. You are doing a great job!