Thursday, January 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I've been burning the midnight oil! My Wednesday slipped into Thursday when I wasn't looking. :)

Here is the first set of T-Shirts to be *rough* cut and interfacing applied. I fused both the front and back while I had the T-Shirts apart. I'm hoping that they will finish drying by morning and then I can work on another set. I must have brought the wrong interfacing because it is activated with a damp press cloth. Oh and learn!

Here is the pile of T-Shirts awaiting their *rough* cut and fusing.
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SueR said...

I was wondering where you'd got to, thought you must be really busy. I've never made a t-shirt quilt but will have fun watching you make yours. Wanted to thank you too for that link for the pillowcases a while back. I used that pattern to make my new ones, and I love them! I'll be making more.

Linda_J said...

I don't think that you picked the wrong kind of interfacing at all, Pat. I use the same thing (medium weight fusible Pellon interfacing) I just set the iron on the dampened press cloth, which is just a light weight piece of cloth, not even sure it is a commercially made one anymore either. Let the iron set until the moisture is gone. Wring out as much water from the cloth as you can first though. I have to re-wet it quite often or sometimes I just hit it with the spray bottle for less water.

I don't think that I have ever had to leave these things out to air dry though as you have shown. The stuff sticks on properly even if I have the iron a tad hotter than they say.

Looks like you have a good start on this. I think by Tuesday next week I will have received the stuff for my next one but I'm gonna tell her that I can't get started till the FAB project is done.