Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I shopped today!

One of those chain stores had Mary Ellen's Best Spray Starch Alternative on sale! I purchased quite a few bottles as I was replenishing my inventory and plan to give it away in my Secret Pal's Goodie Bags~this year, each month I have a different Secret Pal. So I figure that I will be able to give each one a bottle, a few fat quarters of their preferred fabric and another trinket or two that I will pick up as I see something. I also added to the stash but it is already in the washer/dryer.

I also couldn't resist making a few Boxed Squares blocks. These four sub-blocks are from two 2.5 inch strips. I have quite a few of the navy with white stars so, I think I will wait to sew the bigger blocks when I can distribute the alternate blocks.
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SueR said...

Have you used the Best Press or do you just use it as gifties? Is it scented? If you've used it, what do you think of it? I keep seeing it around and have been wondering about it. Are you thinking about a new QOV with your boxed squares?

Fabric Mom said...

The bottle you sent me is only 1/4 of the way full. I need to get some more. I love it.

Cute blocks. i want to make a quilt like that. Some day. LOL.

Linda_J said...

Good plan on those secret pal gifties.

My 32 oz'er came today so even though I hate ironing with a passion similar to vacuuming I look forward to trying it, LOL.
(Wouldn't you know that the 505 is backordered and that is why I ordered from that spot?)

Stephanie D. said...

I've not seen the Best Press before. I'll have to check the local quilt shops.

Love the boxed squares! I saw them over on Mary's blog and really liked them. Simple, but graphic.