Friday, June 5, 2009

Appreciation Quilts #2 and #3

I discovered a shoe box that had the florals, greens and browns cut for a Disappearing 9 Patch that I had started last year then abandoned. There were also 6 completed blocks in the shoe box. So I decided to finish it up and it will be Appreciation Quilt #2.

Here is Appreciation Quilt #2. I had the blue outer border in the stash. I think it is a little strong for the inner part of the quilt but as Pam has taught me...IIWII...and it is pieced! (this is a daytime picture in the sewing room)

Since I had more florals cut, I decided to cut a different green and brown for another Disappearing 9 Patch this morning and then worked on piecing it today. I just finished the outer border after dinner and it is ready to be loaded. It is about 51 x 64 and the backing I have is 54 x 72...think in the morning I will add a little wiggle room to the sides of the backing. This is Appreciation Quilt #3 and a quilt top in a day :) (this is my night picture out in the tv area of the basement~not as good lighting at night)
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Linda_J said...

well done, Pat! Is the background the same on both quilts? It looks so different in the 2nd photo that you took downstairs so the color may be way off?

The blue adds a nice punch of color, I think especially if you are binding it with some of the darker browns in the body of the quilt. It will be fine and appreciated no matter what you chose.

Alycia said...

Those are very pretty quilts!

Greenmare said...