Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cleaning Days

Since I am hosting the QOV Sewing Party, I decided I needed to clean up a bit.

On Friday, I worked on the sewing room.

This is the *before* with all my scraps thrown into paper Piggly Wiggly grocery sacks. At one time, the scraps were separated by color but DD and her friends *love* to play with the scraps and find treasures only 10 year old girls *know about*! :) and to me, it is a harmless way for the girls to express their creativity.

I cleared off DD's craft table to make room for more sewing machines.
I just organized my *dump and run* area to look a little neater. I really should have purchased a filing cabinet for all the *papers* that find their way into my space. For now, I use the plastic totes for files. My two are totally maxed out so a new one will be added to the *someday* shopping list.

As I have been cleaning the rest of the house I have been thinking about summer sewing goals. In no particular order, here is what I hope to accomplish over this summer.

Summer 2009 Quilting Goals
  • DS's bed quilt
  • DS's MSU Tshirt quilt
  • DS's Corvette quilt
  • 6 cancer bags and pillows
  • piece some crumb blocks (to try and tame the scraps!)
  • piece the FAB exchange blocks
  • work on QOV's (Oconomowoc and Alycia's)
  • attach bindings to Long Arm samplers (2)


Linda_J said...

Wowie, that looks so much better! The ladies coming to sew for QOV might have been the stimulus but I things will be much easier to find in the containers instead of the PW method.

Looks like you shopped wisely with your planned use selections while edging ever closer to the 100 yd used totals. WTG! Setting goals help keep you on track even if you have friends that try to tempt you away from them, LOL.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I keep two-two drawer filing cabinets underneath my long arm--one for my stuff and one for Ken's stuff. Great place to stuff a filing cabinet!

Sweet P said...

Nice job on cleaning up. I keep my important papers in a plastic bin in our closet. Don't want to get lost in my studio.

Infinity Quilter said...

Look at that clean sewing room! Love your sewing machine cabinet.

Cher said...

well done in the clean up department-wish it was as easy to clean up here! Great summer goals too Pat...