Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garage Sale-ing

I went to a fabric garage sale today. All fabric was $3.00/yard. The seller had a huge inventory of fabric she was trying to liquidate. I came away with 18 (yikes!) yards and I had one of the smaller orders!

The fabric on the left is yardage. 10 for the blue/brown and 3 for the blue/white (but it is 58 inches wide!) This yardage will be backs for QOV's I hope to make.

The fabric on the right is in 1 yard increments. I'm thinking borders on the QOV's but who knows? where the fabric might actually be used!
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Infinity Quilter said...

Uh oh there goes your stashbusting numbers! LOL How could you pass up $3/yd?!?! Glad I don't live closer to you!

Jeanne said...

What a great find! I'm sure you'll put them to good use soon.

Linda_J said...

The numbers got skewed but those blues will definitely be put to good use on the QOV's. Cool quilt in your "Quilt in Thyme" section, Pat!

Fabric Mom said...

Oh you lucky girl. I am having a garage sale tomorrow. I can't bare to part with my fabric though. Love the QOV quilt in the previous post. Very pretty.

Stephanie D. said...

Come the end of the year, before Judy has us tally it all up, maybe we'd better hold some fabric yard sales of our own!

Nice acquisition there!