Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sewing with Cathy, Cathy, Carole and Pat

maybe I should change my name to 'Cat' for this post? just so I match the other gals in my QOV Sewing Group?! LOL

and I totally stole the name of this post from my friend, Cheryl. Thanks Cheryl! :)

With Cathy and Cathy sewing and Carole and I switching between pressing and cutting, we were able to assemble this top in about 4.5 hours. This is the Valor quilt pattern found in the book, The Giving Quilt . I purchased my copy online at Cozy Quilts a few months back.

This is the second time I have been involved in making this pattern. It is quick and easy with a stunning result...I like it!

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Stephanie D. said...

Catching up here!

Love the quilt--it really is stunning!

I like the Michigan college colors, too--very cool! That should make a really pretty quilt--if he wants "pretty", that is.

I forgot to do my stash report this week, so will have to list those 16 fat quarters next week--hopefully with a finish to try to balance things out!

Cheryl said...

Your QOV turned out great! We're doing ours the second week of July. Stars and Stripes forever!

Linda_J said...

What a striking quilt, Pat! Looks like you all worked hard to get this done all in one day. Good system in place to keep the sewers sewing.