Thursday, July 16, 2009

I volunteered to...

...demo coiled bowls at guild tonight! I figured I better find the supplies and refresh my memory since it's been awhile since I have made any. Just as I remembered, Bella (the Janome Gem) was having issues doing a zigzag stitch. I only paid $80.00 for her and she has had one check up worth $60.00. I'm seriously debating if I want to spend $$ on another check up or put the $$ into a newer lighter machine for class/traveling/DD.

In the meantime, out came Baby Brother from the cabinet and I will haul her to the guild for demo. She was doing her straight stitch and zigzag-ing on the wrapped clothesline very nicely this afternoon. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to *see* if it all

I am following the directions from Susan Breier's book, 'It's a Wrap'. Book here although I used that superstore 40% off coupon (;)) and her website is here to catch up on her other works since she published her book.
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Cheryl said...

You did a great job with your demo. I must admit my admiration for you lugging your big sewing machine in...those babies can build up your pec muscles in a heartbeat!

Linda_J said...

Those look very pretty! Sorry to hear that Jem wasn't playing nice but thank goodness for backups.