Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few Finishes

I finished the Downy's Quilts for Kids kit that arrive two weeks ago. I just need to label it and wash/dry then it will be ready to mail. Although none of this fabric came from the stash, it feels good to move it along closer to it's forever home.

I also finished my Valentine Five Yard kit from Boline's. This is from the stash so it busted a nice number for me~9 yards.

I'm not loving the front but...

...I am loving the back and have renamed it 'Sweet Treats'! A little late for Valentine's 2010 but early for Valentine's 2011. Right?!
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Beth said...

These both turned out So cute! I have been eyeing that panto with the hearts. It looks as good quilted as it does in pictures. Great finishes!

Linda_J said...

I like them both-- front and back, LOL! Good job on the quilting. Nothing wrong with having something ready for next years decorating either.