Friday, February 5, 2010

My Wonky Railroad

I finished piecing the Railroad blocks and even added the borders is a little wonky. Pattern by Pam at Vanilla Latte Quilts.

Now I totally remember *why* I shy away from hst's! and the fact that the directions say to sew *a skimpy 1/4 inch seam*. My seams are so out of whack~no wonder I have points in hiding!

It also reminds me of a story I heard about the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan many years ago. Two building crews were set to work on the building the main floor on the foundation on opposite sides of what will be the ground floor of the hotel. You guessed it! When the crews were nearing the center of the floor where they we to meet and match up~it wasn't happening! I don't remember exactly how far apart the floors were but I do remember it seemed like a big distance to me at the time!

Let's hope no trains ride my railroad tracks as there will be wrecks for sure! :)
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Chris said...

I love the values in your quilt top and the blocks are very interesting.

Linda_J said...

One word: thangles, LOL. Or 4, triangles on a roll. Seriously I don't do HSTs any other way anymore and I've been at this for 22 yrs now.

BUT the top looks lovely from here and if you have your nose in there THAT close for inspection, it better belong to you. You got this done quickly once you got rolling on it.

SueR said...

Love it, love it, love it! Gee, Pat, I looked at the closeup, and all your points look about perfect to me. How do you make your half square triangle units? Lots of people do love thangles and the triangles on a roll. I make mine a little bit oversized, press the seam allowances open, and then square it up. There's a wee bit of waste, but it saves some headache later. Pressing the seam allowances open reduces alot of the bulk when you're joining the units with other block units. I guess everyone has their favorite method.

Fabric Mom said...

Oh Pat it is lovely. Very striking.

job said...


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