Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Quilting

I finished the quilting on my Valentine Quilt, the Five Yard Quilt from Moline's. This pattern in the 'Square Holes' that was part of the free handout when I brought the fabric at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in September 2009.

I quilted it with Heartstrings from Willow Leaf Studio.

One closeup of the focus fabric.

Another closeup of the other focus fabric.

Lookie who wanted to try her hand at the long arm! yes sir! that's DD giving free motion quilting a whirl. I loaded a piece of fabric she selected from the blender closet. I was going to *lay claim* to it and make myself a St. Patrick's Day purse but I don't think she is going to *give up* her first long arm quilting piece! :)

Now she wants to piece a quilt top so she can quilt it!

Be still my heart! Happy Valentine's Day!
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Heather said...

I have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful projects you are completing. Great on daughter for trying the quilting.

Linda_J said...

Oh I love this picture! Michelle is quilting and hopefully following in your footsteps. Start 'em young, Pat!

Linda_J said...

I should have also said how cute the quilt turned out. I think I told you that I knew Becky Boline from my old quilt guild when you bought the kit?

Fabric Mom said...

That is so awesome. Makes we wish I had a daughter to teach. Maybe some day a daughter in-law will want to learn.