Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where I've Been... the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair! DH's work is vending at the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair and we have been visiting the Fair often! So far, DD and I have gone 4 days and there are 2 days left! You can guess where we will be today and Sunday! LOL

For all you fair go-ers, yes! DD and I each splurged and ate a cream puff! They seem smaller than in years past but, believe me, it is plenty of cream puff for this non-native Wisconsinite! :)

On a quilty note: I did finally finish the binding on this quilt. Not exactly sure *why* it took me so long to stitch the binding back...

It finishes at about 45 x 60, which is the size that Margaret's Hope Chest (blog and website) likes their donation quilts. Carin has an awesome program happening there! Currently she is accepting quilts to be given to Michigan's prison's inmates' children so that the children will have a *gift of hope*. She has expressed a desire for more *boy* quilts so I have been digging through the stash looking for more masculine fabrics.

I decided to gift a few quilts to Margaret's Hope Chest because, in case you didn't know, I am a native Michigander and at one time, lived in the Grand Rapids area where Margaret's Hope Chest is located.

A closer look at one of the animals featured on this piece of fabric...a mountain lion, I think. Either that or a cougar. Hey, I'm an indoor city girl! The closest I get to wild animals are either on TV or the zoo! :)

pattern: checkerboard border

panto: ebb and flow from Willow Leaf Studio

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Jeanne said...

Oh, those cream puffs look delicious!
I haven't had one in some time. There's a restaurant here that makes a raspberry cream puff pie. It's one of my favorites.

Amy said...

Good job on your finish. Have fun at the State Fair. Who can resist all of those goodies in one place.