Wednesday, September 15, 2010

National Sewing Month~Day 15

WIP Wednesday, too! I was really, really tempted to run to the store and BUY a backing but I took the challenge and rounded up all the paw print fabric I could find hiding in the stash.

The result: a scrappy back for the Animal 4 Patch. I think it is mostly dog paw print, but hey, I think it will pass muster. I have quite a few odd ball sizes leftover so I cut those into 2.25 inch strips...binding is on the sewing agenda soon!

That's it! The sewing for today!
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Anonymous said...

you go girl! day 15 and still sewing for the National Sewing Month! :)


Linda_J said...

there you go! Busting stash and making it work for that backing. Actually it is really quite inspired to use up the paw prints since you have the animal theme on the front!