Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Yay! The Disappearing 4 Patch is complete! In time for the Graduation Party on Saturday, June 18th. Which, btw, is my Mom's 89th birthday! Her birthday wish?! A visit from her children! I am also going to give her a pile of $ingles so that she will be able to tip her hair dresser. Mom says she has already *used* the pile of $ingles we gave her at Christmas. Shhh...don't spill the beans! :)

D4P tutorial may be found here. I saw on my trolls through the web that there is a Disappearing 16 Patch...ummm...might have to give that one a try too!

The Curly Heart panto. Seriously, once the long arm is fixed~I really need to change out this panto. But it is so much fun! and thread easy!

A Michigan State pillowcase~all from stash. I know~sometimes the stash is a good thing. and this is not the same MSU fabric that is on the back of the quit! :)

ps. Gotta LOVE that my *holder* is home on summer vacation! Wonder how many quilts and things she will hold for me until she gets *tired* of it?! Thanks DD! :)
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Pam said...

yep...thinking D4P will end up on my Bucket List. Good it!

Linda_J said...

Lucky grad that gets this one! It turne dout very well. I am going to do a blue version if I ever get some more cutting done----for the veteran's home poject.

I think that disappearing 16 patch might be a Billie Lauder technique---in her 2nd quick quilt tricks book. I'll check to be sure.

Happy Bday to your mom too.