Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Table Monday

While I wait for my Michigan State backing fabric to arrive, I pulled for another project.

My friend, LindaJ found this pattern, Skinny Strips Quilt on the All People Quilt site and I thought it would work as my next QOV. I already had the blue cut into 2.5 inch strips and found this gold in the stash. The pattern calls for 3 yards of the tone-on-tone and I am just shy of that. I was able to cut the 37~2.5 inch strips of gold but will need to bind in another fabric...most likely a scrappy blue binding. I will need to make a few other cutting adjustments as my gold doesn't measure the full 42 inches the pattern calls for...oh well. The quilt will either be a bit narrower or the blue strips a bit longer in the finished piece. Either way, just a minor adjustment! and I need minor after my Disappearing Pinwheel and D4P! :)

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Marti said...

It looks like a pattern that will be easy to tweak to fit your fabric. I haven't seen that website before either, thanks for linking to it.