Monday, July 4, 2011

Design Wall Monday

DD really likes, I mean REALLY likes, her clay class instructor, Mr. J. He is also the *teacher's helper* throughout the school year. Mr. J runs the 9th hour that DD stays after school where she does ALL of her homework under Mr. J's watchful eye. He has also introduced her to the world of animation and film making. Mr. J even let her make a Christmas gift for Grandpa in her clay class even though she will need to finish it up in the next school year. Do you suppose DD will be the only student with summer homework to finish?!

DD asked if I would make Mr. J a *crummy* quilt as a *Thank You*.

Excuse me?! I know that I think SOME of my quilts are crummy but you, too?!

'NO! NO! Mom! One of those quilts with all the scrap pieces...a *crummy* quilt.' Aha...a *crumb* quilt. At first, she wanted a purple crumb quilt for Mr. J, but when I showed her this picture of a collaborative quilt that Mama Spark had made (you will need to scroll down a bit)~DD thought it was perfect for Mr. J.

Today I made the purple blocks. The rest of the blocks were on inventory! Sorry for the wonky picture. The reds and oranges are a bit off. :)

I think this is just the right project to help get my *quilting mojo* back on track!


JoAnne said...

Love it, Pat!

SueR said...

I LOVE this! How big are the blocks?

Silverthimble said...

I thought you were doing pretty good "mojo wise"; but I know exactly what you are talking about. I often turn back to crumb blocks when I have been idle from quilting or absent of inspiration for some time. I like your idea of putting the crumb blocks together in colour groups. I was just sorting my crumbs last night into piles of various colours--perhaps I will have to give this version a try. I love the "crummy" quilt title!

Mama Spark said...

I'm glad our quilt could be an inspiration!! It looks great!!

Linda_J said...

sparkling like little jewels again!