Sunday, July 3, 2011

My USA Flag Banner

After Memorial Day, I put away my USA Flag banner so good...that I couldn't find it for 4th of July. After searching for it, I was deciding *IF* I should buy a new one at the garden center. Then I thought, "I should shop the stash first!"

This is what I came up with...a totally *feel good* mini project. I found a USA flag t*shirt that already had interfacing applied to it, a piece of scrap batting and navy fabric with red/white stars.

Ta-da! a new and recycled USA Flag banner! The middle tab is a little high but I am totally *loving* it!
I can hardly wait to see how it weathers the first rain~I can imagine all sorts of t*shirt mini banners to hang in this spot!
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Amy said...

Very clever! Looks great.

Karen said...

Going, red, white and

Pam said...



SueR said...

Very ingenious of you!

Linda_J said...

How clever of you! I had to laugh about the "put it away so good" remark, LOL. I bet we all have done that a time or two but you made something even better, looks like!

Stephanie D. said...

I LOVE this!