Thursday, July 28, 2011

WIP Thursday

I made 8 more *posies*. I decided to frame them in black~of course, not enough of the *correct* black in the closet. argggghhh..

...+5 yards. Kona black along with more of the original fabric. A little cream/tan for a future QOV. :)

I've been looking through the web for a few ribbon storage ideas. My BIL made my SIL a wonderful ribbon box last summer and I think that will be on my Christmas wish list or maybe DD's. :) The adult children no longer exchange gifts on DH's side of the family!

In the mean time, I saw this idea and DD/I emptied a couple of plastic bins with holes. I found my stash of PFChang chopsticks and ta-da~ribbon storage.

It will work for now to tame the ribbons! :)


Karen said...

Great idea for ribbons...I may have to steal that one! Here is a great tut on wrapping papers, etc

Linda_J said...

How clever to use the holes in the containers like to keep the ribbons separate!

Black, huh? It can be a tricky proposition. Some looks grayed while others have a blue or brown undertone. I get what you mean about "right" one.

Alycia said...

Wow - that is pretty - with the black - double wow!