Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ahhh...much better picture~used the flash! I am continuing to make my 6.5 inch crumb squares for this rainbow quilt. Green, blue, purple and red 6.5 inch blocks are done. The blocks that don't fit on the design wall are tucked away...waiting for assembly of the quilt top. Only orange and yellow blocks left to make. Orange maybe the most challenging as I am limited in the scrap box! DD is much happier to let me sew when a project is for her to gift~lol. I am enjoying the freedom and mindless sewing of this quilt top! :)

I first saw this arrangement on Mama Spark's blog, here, you will need to scroll down a bit to find it.
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Linda_J said...

I could share some orange if you need it but you probably don't want to wait??

Alycia said...

Oh OH Oh i LOVE that!! I love those blocks!!!!!

Pam said...

no orange? sounds like a good reason to do some shopping!

...hey, I am just here to help!