Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sewing Plan GONE Awry!

My sewing plan went awry today! Has that ever happened to you?!

I planned one thing, did another, only to end up with something entirely different than expected! lol!

I was sewing up this staggered bricks that I first saw on LindaJ's blog.  I had gotten fabric that I thought *went with* two different fabrics that would be the outer border.  Then I decided it needed an inner border...black would do nicely, I thought.  Well, I stuck this piece of black and white checkered fabric and wow!  I really liked it.  So~I thought~let's use the checkered fabric and I'll find some race cars in the cupboard.  On went the checkered fabric...you guessed it! I must have used the race cars because I could NOT find any!  ummm...the first two potential border fabric didn't look *right* with the checkered border so instead of rip...rip...rip...I found this other sailboat fabric.  I had less than a yard so I needed to be creative with the cutting...then I cut it wrong!  arggghhh.

Finished size for my Quilt Gone Awry:  46 x 64.  Another *What WAS she thinking quilt* for me.  :)


Anonymous said...

Looks okay to me


Pam said...

racing sailboats works for me!

Lori said...

I like the sailboats and lighthouses! Your play didn't go awry--quilters are ADAPTABLE!

Linda_J said...

Making lemonade from lemons or something like that? You had me giggling about how this quilt evolved but who hasn't had to make substitutions along the way and eke every possible inch of fabric out to get that last border? Quilt looks pretty cool! Is this the one for the guild thing?