Thursday, September 8, 2011

WIP Thursday

I quilted Animals in Boxes Twin A on Labor Day and it has sat over the long arm until today.
I quilted it with the Inkblot panto. I wanted something simple to hold the layers together and not block the animals in boxes. :)
I did make bias binding out of the stripe material so that I would have a diagonal binding. I followed Bonnie Hunter's bias tutorial, found here. I thought I was making enough binding for Twin B also but no~I forgot to double my number so only bias binding for Twin A. At least, I will be able to practice making bias binding again. :)

I've been working towards my goal of finishing up the QOV's so that they will be ready to send to Alycia~more on that later....
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Linda_J said...

Hurray for trying something new to you---can you cross it off the bucket list?

That stripe is going to look great cut on the bias, I love to do that with stripe, check or plaid. Not sure how Bonnie does it without checking but I have never had luck trying to do it with that stinkin' tube thing but I can just cut it from a big square folded on the diagonal LOL.