Saturday, October 20, 2012

More of Other Stuff...

...while I was cutting for the rails, I remembered that I started a leader/ender project with 2.5 inch red and blue squares awhile ago.  Earlier in the year, I began to see Planet Patchwork New Year's Mystery 2012 pop up around blogland. (here, here or here)  I was wondering just what the status was of my 2.5 inch strips so I pulled out the bag and discovered that

I had sewn them into 2 x 4 blocks units.  bummer....I decided to work a little with this project.  Since I didn't join in for the Planet Patchwork Mystery and I don't have the instructions~my blocks will be 8 inches finished.  Otherwise I would link to the pattern but I think Planet Patchwork must have removed the instructions from their site.

I have quite a few ready for the final strip (pile on the left) but I need to cut and sew more 2.5 inch red/blue blocks together in order to get the pile on the right ready for the final gold strip.

Funny (or maybe scary!) how a throw quilt top set of pieces fit in this smallish bag!

See?!  I think I have Quilter's ADD...

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Linda J said...

So drop back and punt, huh?

I have done that with mysteries before too--and got two different pro bono quilts out of the deal as I hated the combo of fabrics I had used. It was fine when I broke it up. Whatever works, right?

Keep plugging on your personal quilt!