Saturday, October 6, 2012

Twistin' Again

A few of the FAB's meet online to use our Li'L Twister rulers.  (LindaJ and CherPam and Norma had family commitments today~which is cool ~as family comes first with the FAB's!  :)

I worked on blue, white and grey twisters.

I love the before picture!

The after picture.  The twister on the right is the one from the *before* picture.   Sorry~I forgot to turn the picture and save so the orientation is the same.

Big FUN! 

Here is my DD~waiting for hockey practice to begin.  :)


Nancy said...

Twisters intrigue me. I watched a demo once and was tempted to purchase the ruler but resisted.

Linda C said...

I am loving how your twists turned out. They are going to go so good with the other fabric you need to use for your challenge pieces!