Thursday, October 11, 2012

WIP on Thursday!

Still no cutting, no sewing and no quilting!

But today is a double quilt guild meeting.  Meaning I have my regular day quilt guild and then tonight~my night guild moved their meeting up a week!  Now I have two meeting in one day and tonight I am one of  the  *snack Quilters*.

So last week I made some pumpkin spice cookies and froze them.  Easy peasy recipe here.

My friend LindaJ had posted a recipe for Candy Corn Oreo Truffles on Facebook last month so I thought I would try those out.  Pretty easy recipe (read: no cooking!)  but you do need to wait awhile after each step.

I think I am going to mix up a bit of my trail mix to take tonight too as some of the girls are on restricted diets.  My trail mix includes  raisins, cashews, Golden Graham cereal and M&M's.

I am doubting if I will make any progress in the sewing room at all this week as it is time for the minivan oil change. Looks like Friday will be minvan day and stop at Wal*Mart as I pass Wal*Mart on the way to the dealer.  *sigh*  maybe next week!  :)

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Linda J said...

I haven't tried making those truffles yet but they sure LOOK good! Let me know what your testers thought of them---not that it keeps me from springing new to me food on people, LOL.