Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I'm Working On...

...this quilt ~ rather half of this flimsy~ was a mystery from my Day Guild last year.  The name of the pattern is 'One Two Buckle My Shoe' from Vanilla Latte Quilt Designs.  But when I was scoping out Pam's site ~ I didn't see it listed.  :(

Unfortunately, quite a few of my points don't match and the whole thing is on the bias.  I didn't like it at all!  So I hacked it in two, which by the way, felt very good to take the rotary cutter to it!  :)  I added wonky stars as cornerstones.  My friend, Sue had suggested that I include a wonky element in the borders and *hopefully it all pulls together* and looks like it is suppose to be wonky.

All the wrinkles are real and I'm not sure *it will quilt out* but later this week I will give it a go after I quilt the H2H quilts. One is here. The other is the same with the brown being a different fabric.

Now do you understand *why* I stick to squares and rectangles while sewing?!  lol They treat me soo much better.  *grin*


Nancy said...

I think it is lovely. Don't obsess with points matching up all the time just enjoy the process. Whatever it is; it is. No one is perfect, so why do we worry about it so much?

Linda J said...

the old cutter huh? It could not have been that bad, could it?