Monday, June 17, 2013

What I'm Working On...

...this is what I decided to do with this quilt to bring it up closer to QOV size. 

I added a checkered border of the two border fabrics to help with the transition.  For the *pop* of red I was thinking about making the faux flange as described here.  One fly in the ointment ~ I'm out of the darker blue!  rats...maybe I'll head back to the store and *see* if I can find some!  :)

pattern source:  Framed by Karen Johnson.  You just need to scroll to the bottom of the page.


NeverBored said...

Lovely quilt! Thanks for the link to the binding flange tutorial. It's something I'd like to try soon.

Nancy said...

Very nice - a lovely solution to meet the requirements.

Have you noticed that the requirements have changed recently?