Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tips, Tutes and Tasty Things for Hands2Help

Tip #1:

DO NOT GET SICK!  Seems like I forgot about everything except the gurgling of my stomach! All in my system is starting to settle down and I am starting to remember....

Tute #1:

A favorite tute to share.  My most recent *go to* pattern has been the Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World. When made up into 9 inch blocks (finished...9.5 unfinished), a set of 6 x 8 results in approximately 56 x 72 inch throw quilt.  A donation size that I like.  Add a few borders and the resulting size is a generous twin quilt. I most recently made a trio of MTAtW as coaches gift quilts. I even experimented with different layouts!

Layout 1.

Layout 2.

Layout 3.

Not too long ago, I made a Quilt of Valor and inserted a pillow panel into the traditional set.

For me, this pattern is really versatile and makes up quick as  I strip piece all the blocks sections!

Tasty Things #1:

This is more of a challenge for me as I not a dedicated cook.  I merely cook to eat and do not enjoy the process at all!  I will share this recipe that I found that seems to work for me and even my son, the chef, likes it!  :)


Beware:  It makes A LOT.  I like to serve it on buns with mustard and a little bit of cheddar cheese - after all, I am in Wisconsin!- and a side of cole slaw.  Perhaps a mixed greens salad if I am feeling the urge.

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karen green said...

I got to check this out. You quilts are great. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

I love the quilts and appreciate the link. Looks like the blocks come together easily and fairly quickly - two things that I like for donation quilts. The bonus: they look fabulous!

P. said...

Great tutorial link! Love the versatility of the settings. Your trio of quilts came out beautifully!
(PS - Were you as bummed as I was when the Badgers lost by one point in such a close game on Saturday?)

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the link! My youngest is about to choose a college for next yr. I am thinking this would be great in school colors!