Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 2017 Happenings

After I finished the scrapbooks, DD enlisted me to make him a few bags to organize his belongings in his new motorcycle side bags.

This was a labor of love - for both of us!

This is the group I ended up making for him. I pulled out the old jeans, cut them up and quilted them in a quilt as you go style. It really was free form and the dimensions of the various bags were -well- varied. I cut and sewed and he made
adjustments as we went.  These took about a week to prepare.
I got a little wiser towards the end of this bag project and use cotton fabric on the ends to reduce bulk - and make the sewing easier. (happy face)

He is on a 'Quest' to visit all 50 states before his is 30 years old - he was 27 on his last birthday. Once this trip is completed - he will have visited 49/50 states with just Hawaii left! This portion of his 'Quest' also has him visiting 50 National Parks in at least 25 states as part of the 100 Year/ Iron Butt Tour National Park Services.

This actually the first bag that didn't make the cut!

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