Thursday, May 11, 2017

More Plaid

Ever have a light bulb moment?!

I had one a few weeks ago when the Charity girls mentioned that we are going to have a program where the member do the Jelly Roll Race as teams with prizes...

The Charity bin has lots of 2.5 inch strips and one of the girls suggested we sew the strips together, measure and have the strips ready just to sew!  Brilliant!

I went home, dug out more plaids that were from the Lewisville Texas Land O' Lakes Quilt guild --yes they came with me 10 years ago to Wisconsin! I had washed them and they were a mess.  So I spent some time ironing the pieces and cutting the 2.5 inch strips.

I sewed the ends together as Denise had suggested. My strips were all sorts of lengths so I sewed and sewed and then measured to the 1,600 inches. That was approximately 40 minutes to do.

I was them curious how long it took to sew it into a top. Out came my phone to use as a stopwatch. It seems I very rarely use my phone as a phone any more. (smiling face) My sew time clock in just over an hour and 15 minutes.
I quilted it with the Plumage panto.

Somehow I did not end up with a picture of the finished quilt.
(sad face)

This is Donation Quilt G and so very happy that Denise helped me to figure out a way to use all the odd ball pieces of plaid!

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