Monday, July 31, 2017

Design Wall Monday 7.31.2017

Well...I thought I would take my green and blue 3.5 inch strips and make something fun and easy.

Two color rail fence was the first pattern that came to mind

and well--

It didn't really work as I envisioned.

(sad face)

I am continuing on as I am sure someone will fall in love with it and adore it for all it's

un-unified-ness!    (is that a word?!)

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AnnieO said...

I think Random is the word you're looking for--but I find this quilt top more interesting than if all the strip sets were the same. I also have learned that the fabrics change once they are quilted.

Alycia said...

Yep - I love it!!! It is just a soothing colored quilt!

Preeti said...

I see blue, green and grey. That is homogenous. I see simple rail fence blocks. That is unifying. I will call it down to earth. You can also call it campground/cabin quilt.
See, I have plenty of ideas :-) and none of them is un-unified :-D
Visiting from DWM.