Friday, January 29, 2010

Quilting Today

I quilted the Double Hour Glass today.

Tutorial by Cluck.Cluck.
Sew. found here.

Thanks to Chris who gave me some tips on where those eight (yes! eight!) points come together. I had totally neglected that THAT would be happening with this quilt pattern. Next time, I'll press open all the seams to reduce bulk.

I used my new panto~Stars and Crescents by Golden Threads. This is the first panto that I have used that *requires* two passes. I opted to sew the star and lower crescent first then the outer crescent on the second *pass*.
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Silverthimble said...

This one is beautiful, Pat!

Linda C said...

Looking good, Pat. A little bulky at the intersections where they meet? Did she have you open up the seam to the stitched line to spin it open? Just curious.

Love the new panto even if it sounds like more work to accomplish the quilting.

SueR said...

I can't believe how fast you got this together and quilted. What a great job! I really like that turquoise in the quilt along with the blues. I like your new panto too, just not sure what you mean about two passes. I'll have to go look at the website.

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