Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Birthday Quilt

Last summer, my niece was telling me how she gets cold riding in the Jeep after a trip to Wimpy's for ice cream. This was the incentive for her 'Jeeping to Wimpy's Quilt' At first, I remembered seeing a bright Jeep fabric in my travels, but where? I searched and searched but couldn't find it, either in person or on the web. What's a girl to do? Thanks to the big box store, I was able to find a Jeep print but it is a little subdued for my taste but I thought, why not? Break out of the 'comfort zone'.
At about the same time, I had ordered this book (for another pattern)

and saw this pattern. I thought, great! Jeep trails (tan), mud (brown) and forest (trees) since when she gets done Jeepin' the trails with her family, their Jeep is usually very muddy :) sorry...Uncle T...but you just seem to hit every mud puddle on the trail :)

The result is her Birthday Jeepin' Quilt. I quilted it with the Trailing Vine panto from Willow Leaf Studio (outdoor theme here).

Then I decided it needed a bag. The first attempt of the Jiffy Tote didn't quite make the grade but thanks to the big box store, they had just 1.5 yards of the Jeepin' fabric left, which was enough to make the bigger bag.
A much better fit for the quilt, too. I quilted it with the Popcorn panto from Willow Leaf since I needed the practice and it was still on the table. DS suggested the messenger style handle and I found that Mamaspark had posted a tutorial for a similar style purse complete with the messenger style strap (here, here and here) Thanks Mamaspark!
I hope A. likes the 'Jeepin' to Wimpy's Quilt'!


mamaspark said...

I like the jeep fabric! What a great pattern, perfect for the Jeep enthusiast! Cool bag too = )

When do you want to meet up this week?

FabricMom said...

Great quilt. Love it. Your work is fabulous. I think George should be in all the bag pictures. :)